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Being a traveller is, all in all, safe—giving you avoid potential risk about where you go and how you act. A few pieces of any city are more perilous than others, similarly as certain urban communities and nations are more hazardous than others. 

Peruse up before you go on what you are probably going to discover when you get to any place it is you are going, so you don’t show up as ill-equipped as São Paulo police think a few travellers visiting the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be. Once at your goal, mix in admirably well. Remain on the road in Mogadishu wearing a Hawaiian shirt and displaying $100 notes and you are requesting inconvenience. 

Our movement’s general guideline is that if any circumstance begins to feel awkward, simply apologize and leave in the near future. 

Here are 10 DOs and 10 DON’Ts that will work well for any traveller: 

10 DON’Ts While Travelling

1. Try not to carry and streak a huge amount of money, nor trade cash at dubious-looking spots or with strange people in the city. 

2. Try not to seem as though a traveller by dressing like one, seeming lost or looking for maps in public or asking for locations. Use Google Maps instead.

3. Try not to roam around with a bag thrown freely on one shoulder, rather balance the bag strips on both the shoulders to avoid any thefts or robbery.

4. Try not to carry unnecessary things in your handbag to avoid extra weightage as it leads to exhaustion and you cannot travel freely. 

5. Try not to visit risky areas, or stroll in new, secluded or faintly lit regions, particularly around evening time. 

6. Try not to leave important things in general visibility; that incorporates your identification proofs like passport and valuables like your iPhone, camera or laptop.

 7. Try not to drive a suspicious rental vehicle, the more common the better; keep guides and travel leaflets far out in the glove compartment. 

8. Try not to keep your vehicle and house or inn keys on the same key ring. 

9. Try not to store money, jewellery,  gems, medication or different assets in your baggage, and never leave your bag unattended, even for a second.

10 DO’s While Travelling

1. Do know about your environmental factors, and keep a watch on someone if you have any doubts regarding the same.

2. Do utilize money substitutes, for example, traveller checks or credit cards, and just carry a limited amount of money, that too only for emergencies.

3. Do lock up the valuables you are not taking with you in a safe in your room or utilize your hotel’s safe deposited services administrations to store them, and lock the windows and door while going out. 

4. Do make a note of your visa number; in the event that it gets lost or taken, realizing the number will accelerate getting a substitution. 

5. Do make a note of your Visa numbers and the telephone number to bring on the off chance that you have to report it taken and drop it. 

6. Do dress properly for your environmental factors as much as could be expected under the circumstances; looking like a local reduces the risk of fraudulent activities.

7. Do put a band around your luggage as a defence against pilferage while in travel; bag locks are no more an obstruction for professional thieves.

8. Do travel in groups or with a bunch of people as there is security in larger groups. 

9. Do keep vehicle gates locked and windows rolled up when driving. 

10. Do alert yourself for unforeseen situations, for example, somebody finding you, spilling a beverage on you, dropping something before you or causing a noisy uproar; an associate can take your assets and leave while you are quickly occupied. 


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